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Introducing Anne Young…

an artist with a lifetime of experience.

When I was a little girl, I had a passion for drawing and would invariably spend any spare time with a pen, crayon or brush on paper.

I would excitedly take my drawings to show my Father sitting at the table. He was a schoolteacher (who taught Geography) and invariably would be marking his students' essays and work. I’d say, "look Daddy see what I've done!" and he would usually grunt and respond, "urgghh, go and study an atlas". My mother also showed much the same enthusiasm! Without their encouragement I decided to that I would still focus myself on art and sought all ways to realise my dream.

My school report from Marshfield Primary School, Bradford (which I attended over 50 years ago!) shows my teacher commenting positively on my ability to draw figures (see pic). It was also in this Primary School at age 8 that I recall selling pictures to other children for a "ha'penny" (a half-penny in the old British currency) which gained me about 10 pence in modern money (15 US cents!).
School Report

I took Art at O'level and A'level (Ordinary and Advanced level) before going to college to train as a teacher. It was while I was still at school, a friend of mine showed me some life drawing and I wanted to do the same. I sought permission from the local education officer to go to the class at the Art school and that set me on the road to pursue art as a hobby!

At the Art School in Bradford, my teacher was a Mr. Johnson and he was also the teacher of the famed British artist David Hockney! (Maybe I should have rifled through the rubbish bins to find some of Hockney's rejects, which would probably be worth a few quid by now!) One of my memories of being in a class with a nude female model (for life drawing) was when she almost fainted and some men in the class made to go and help her but (for the sake of decorum) realised that she was naked and left it to a hapless female student to find a chair for the model to collapse into!

In training to be a teacher I went to the Teacher Training College in Sheffield, taking art as a main subject and enjoyed many classes in how to impart learning and knowledge via art. In later life I have been taking private art classes and have studied with artists Hazel Lale, Isabel Blincow and many of portraits (seen here) are drawn under the tutelage of Tim Rose. Art is still much of an inspiration to me and are still such a source of enjoyment.

and yet… after a lifetime of drawing, there is always room for improvement...

be inspired, I hope you like my art here!

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Hello... I am Anne Young

An artist from Sheffield, England

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Sample Image I am Anne Young, an artist with a lifetime's experience. 

When I was a little girl, I had a passion for drawing and would invariably spend any spare time with a pen, crayon or brush on paper.

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Whether it's in pencil, crayon, charcoal, oil, acrylic or whatever I choose. I seek to measure, observe and draw what I see referring to the subject and back to what I am producing.