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Object Drawing

An original tile design I made which I wanted to quickly sketch for posterity.

A troika vase from Cornwall, a cup & saucer from America and a glass ornament from Israel.

As with glass, plastic (or anything that reflects the light) can be very hard to capture.

Some trinkets and nicknacks glistening.

Achieving a slightly two-dimensional depiction of objects

My sons would always leave their shoes in disarray.

Glass (which naturally refracts and reflects light) is depicted here.

Even the most unassuming of scenes (in the right light) can reveal some gems of interpretation.

After a visit to buy more supplies at the art shop, my cash box looked like this!

My husband Frank crafted these fine candlesticks by hand and we had Christmas cards made from this painting — which proved to be highly successful.

Hello... I am Anne Young

An artist from Sheffield, England

A little about me

Sample Image I am Anne Young, an artist with a lifetime's experience. 

When I was a little girl, I had a passion for drawing and would invariably spend any spare time with a pen, crayon or brush on paper.

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My Method

 How do I work? 

Whether it's in pencil, crayon, charcoal, oil, acrylic or whatever I choose. I seek to measure, observe and draw what I see referring to the subject and back to what I am producing.