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Landscape and Buildings

In the fields by Graves Park, in winter, the sun retreats towards the horizon generating a prismatic vista of colour.

In Chancet Woods, behind our old house at Strelley Avenue, the bleakness of the shedding leaves at the end of autumn lends itself to be recreated in chalk and charcoal to evoke the onset of winter.

I wanted to allude to Monet in this painting, evoking the impressionists with the tall poplar trees and long vista.

The mountains of Switzerland hold some amazing gems. Roofs of houses intermingled in the forest, a rare treat to encounter.

Whilst on holiday, I saw this inspiring field of sunflowers and sat in a serene and tranquil location capturing this scene.

This is a scene of some old cottages, the image first in pencil then the wash and the detail in pen and ink following.

Hello... I am Anne Young

An artist from Sheffield, England

A little about me

Sample Image I am Anne Young, an artist with a lifetime's experience. 

When I was a little girl, I had a passion for drawing and would invariably spend any spare time with a pen, crayon or brush on paper.

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My Method

 How do I work? 

Whether it's in pencil, crayon, charcoal, oil, acrylic or whatever I choose. I seek to measure, observe and draw what I see referring to the subject and back to what I am producing.